Stay healthy and fit during Ramadan

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Before starting anything let us discuss about the holy month and its significance. The holy month of Ramadan is celebrated during the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar. The Islamic calendar is lunar thus, Ramadan falls at a different date and time each year.

Fasting is important in Ramadan, as it is one of the five pillars of Islam, which helps an individual to maintain purity of thoughts and actions during Ramadan.

What is Suhoor and Iftar?

Suhoor is an Islamic term which refers to meal eaten early in the morning before sunrise. Suhoor marks the start of fasting. It is an important meal to get you throughout the day. A proper suhoor meal helps prevent headache and nausea.

Iftar is the term for the evening meal. During Iftar, the meal is consumed after sunset. Iftar marks the end of fasting. It is a religious observance and an enjoyable community experience where people gather together to break their fast. Traditionally, a date is the first item to be consumed to break a fast.

Don’t skip Suhoor

Just as breakfast is an important meal of the day, suhoor during Ramadan is also important to start your fast.

The reason why suhoor should not be skipped is because it is an energy producing meal which gives your body energy and nutrients for the whole day. It also keeps your body hydrated throughout the day.

As you are fasting for the whole day, It is necessary to include protein rich, high fiber foods in your suhoor diet. Apart from food, make sure that your intake of fluids is more.

Eat fruits like watermelon, apricot, pineapple, orange, muskmelon, cucumber, etc.

What most people do?

As you know that after breaking a fast, a variety of delicacies are offered during Iftar. Many people overeat due to hunger. Here you should be cautious to not indulge in heavier meals as it may lead to sluggishness and tiredness.

It is important to have a balanced meal during iftar as it’s the meal that replenishes energy and helps sustain your fast the next day.

Drink lots of water

It is always good to start with dates and fluids. Traditionally dates are consumed first to break the fast.

The reason is that dates are beneficial for the body as they are rich in potassium and are a source of antioxidants.

That is why dates are consumed to break the fast. They help to reduce blood pressure and are good for blood sugar balance.

After dates comes fluids. Hydrate yourself before indulging in heavy meals. Drink plenty of fluids like water, juice or milk to hydrate yourself.

It is advisable to avoid caffeine or carbonated drinks during suhoor, as it will dehydrate your body very quickly. Too many sugary drinks is also not good because it contains a lot of calories, which is not good for the body.

Consume healthy diet

We all are hungry after the fast but we have to make sure to consume all types of food that too in less quantity.

Quantity is important, that is why portion matters a lot. Controlling your food quantity is the key to stay healthy and prevent weight gain.

You know vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers and provide nutrients. It is important to include vegetables in your meal to get the wholesome nutrients.

Eat rice, meat, dairy products too, so that you get all the required nutrients to get along the next day.

Eat slowly to let your body digest the food. Eating food in a hurry may lead to indigestion and other gastric problems, which you don’t want during these days.

Include soup in your diet

I already told you to drink as much water as you can. But including soups and salads into your meal is also beneficial as they will provide fluids rich in vitamins and minerals.

Go for vegetable based soups which contains lentils, beans, tomatoes, barley or vegetables. Cream free chicken soups are also very healthy for you. It is best to avoid creamy and fatty soups.

Avoid over eating

We know how Iftar is tempting with the delicious meals and treats. But it is important for you to follow healthy eating during Ramadan or else over-indulging may lead to weight gain and bloating (which you do not want).

So you should avoid eating deep fried, oily or greasy food on an empty stomach.

It is wise to include salads, vegetables and soups in your meal.

Light Meals

If you don’t want to miss the delicacies and want to taste all, then don’t worry, i have got a solution for you. Take small amounts from each section.

For e.g. you can take a small portion of meat, a little bit of rice, green vegetables, etc. This will fulfill your taste buds and give control on eating as well.

For fried foods take a little amount or you can avoid if you can.

Treat iftaar as if you are having your normal dinner.

The practice of self-discipline, benevolence and self-control is not only for a month. Let us imbibe and maintain all these acts throughout our life.

There are many other ways to keep yourself healthy during Ramadan. Remember, that a balanced food diet with healthy ingredients will help you enjoy Iftar and Suhour while giving you good health and more energy.

Drinks to avoid dehydration during Ramadan

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With long fasting hours and intense summer heat, thirst becomes our usual fasting companion during Ramadan.

Do you know that the average human body consists of 57-60% water? Water is crucial for the body as it controls the body temperature, transports nutrients, and for other vital functions.

Fasting for more than 14 hours a day puts our body in state of dehydration. It is important for everyone to consume an adequate amount of water to prevent the risk of dizziness, headache, constipation, etc.

Many people think that just because they are not thirsty, they are fully hydrated. This is a wrong perception. You lose water from the body while sweating, urination, etc. Thus, drinking a large amount of water in an interval during non-fasting hours can help you retain energy and stay hydrated.

Drinking tip:

Don’t drink very large amounts of water in one go because the body would not be able to absorb the water all at ones.

During suhoor and iftar, drink plenty of pure, unadulterated water in frequent sips. Foods with high water content like watermelon, grapes, apples, cucumbers, and celery will also help you to stay hydrated.

Water hydrates the body better than fizzy drinks and fruit juices. So avoid drinking coffee, tea, or related drinks that contain caffeine. Caffeine will increase your thirst and will cause dehydration.

Also decrease the intake of sugar in your drink. Have a look at few of the drinks that you should consume to stay hydrated.


Yes water. No other drink is more hydrating than a simple glass of water. Try to drink at least 2-3 liters of water during non-fasting hours.


If you are bored with normal glass of water then try milk. The best thing is that you can make different drinks out of milk.

You can make different flavored milk shakes and smoothies. But maintain the quantity of sugar in your drink.


Ayran is a drink made from yogurt, water and salt. This drink is a great way to satiate your thirst. You can also do some experiment with this drink.

For e.g. you can instead of salt you can put sugar in the drink and make it a sweet drink.

Coconut Water

If you want a light and sweet drink then go for coconut water. Coconut water is a sweet, delicious, nutritious and natural beverage that is extremely beneficial for your health.

You can mix cut out fruits like orange, strawberry, blueberry, etc with coconut water. A flavorful drink for your thirst.

Watermelon Slush

It is advised to eat more fruits during summer as it hydrates the body. I know there are some people who do not eat fruits. So, for them a fruit slushies are an awesome alternative.

Watermelon contains high percentage of water. Consuming slushie is a great refreshing drink. Mix the watermelon in the blender with lime and maple syrup (not necessary). Serve chilled with ice cubes and mint leaves. Prepare your favorite fruit slush with the same method.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is only beneficial if sugar amount is excluded. So make a fresh fruit juice at home without added sugar.

22 Drinks to Stay Hydrated During Ramadan

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“Ramadan Kareem to all !!”

Let us welcome this auspicious month of Ramadan with a heart filled with joy, peace and harmony.

As you know that Ramadan is celebrated to become conscious of God and to meet spiritual values and attitudes that is carried for the rest of the year. The concept of Ramadan is to be a good human being, to be benevolent towards others and to know the importance of charity.

Fasting during Ramadan is not just about abstaining yourself from eating and drinking. Fasting is important to achieve the need of Niyyah. It is vital for self-control, to cleanse the mind, body and soul.

The holy month of Ramadan falls in summer. It is a time for all the Muslims to practice self-restraint and cleanse one’s body and soul from impurities. It is a great month for one to engage with traditions and understand the Islamic culture.

Apart from worship and improving oneself, it is a practice of an individual to abstain from eating and drinking for straight thirty days.

Fasting is challenging in the blistering hot heat waves of Middle-East and South Asian countries. Thus, it is important for one to stay hydrated and drink refreshing drinks after iftar. Let’s have a look at the flavorful drinks that you can try during Ramadan:

Qamar El Deen

Another popular drink is Qamar El Deen, also written as Amar Al Din. This drink is brewed from either dried apricot paste sheets or rolled apricot fruit leather.

The sheets are soaked in warm water and then mixed with sugar. It is served cold with nuts and rose water (optional).

Tutti Frutti Iced Tea

This drink is full of delicious fruits and berries. It is made with fruits like Cherry, Kiwi, Orange & Strawberry.

This natural caffeine free drink is rich in vitamins which energizes your body and gives a refreshing feeling.

Tamar Hindi

Tamer Hindi aka Tamarind or Indian date is a sour-sweet chilled drink made of tamarind fruit paste mixed with sugar and water.

It is the best drink for those who do not like sweet juices. It is a refreshing and popular drink in the middle-east during Ramadan.


This is a famous yogurt drink. It helps the body to stay hydrated. It is a great drink with a flavor of mint and salt.

You can drink it or eat with bread.


This drink is the beverage of choice during Ramadan. It is made with red berries and is sold as a cordial in a glass bottle and as a carbonated soft drink in a can.

Lemon with mint

Lemon mint juice is a refreshing drink recipe. This healthy juice recipe is easy and quick to make and is an ideal summer cooler. The drink is prepared using lemon juice, sugar and a pinch of black salt. It is served chilled with ice cubes and mint leaves.


This nutritious drink is popular around the Middle East, especially in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon.

It is an energizing drink prepared by mixing dates, grape molasses, rose water (depends on choice) and sugar.

The drink is smoked with Arabic incense. It is served with ice and topped with pine nuts and raisins.

Coconut Water

Coconut water or coconut juice is a popular drink worldwide. It helps to quench one’s thirst. You can take a tetra pack or a natural coconut water.

Coconut water is a natural refreshing drink and has a sweet, nutty taste. The juice is full of vitamins and minerals which treats dehydration.


Also known as the ‘fruit salad’ drink, this dry fruit recipe is sweet, filling and energy boosting. It is prepared with dried apricots, figs, dates, raisins, and prunes. The nuts are soaked in water and sugar overnight. It is then served cold with ice and rose water.

Erk Sous

This enjoyable licorice drink is made in traditional copper or glass containers to keep it chilled.

The drink is black with mildly bitter and sweet taste prepared with licorice roots. This thirst-quenching drink is served cold throughout the year.

Watermelon Juice

This beverage is loved by all as watermelon contains a high percentage of water. It is the right drink to stay hydrated and prevent heat stroke.

One can add mint leaves in the juice to give it a refreshing flavor.


It is a traditional delicious milk drink made by soaking brown bread, barley spices and sugar. The colour of the drink can be white or red. The red colour is achieved by putting food coloring.

A cool sweet drink after a long hot day of fasting in Ramadan.


Karakde also known as roselle or hibiscus tea is a sweet infusion brewed from hibiscus flower. This beverage can be served hot or cold.

The cold drink is preferred with a hearty iftar meal


Sahlab is a dessert drink. The drink is made with milk and corn or potato starch. It is a drink, which consists of a creamy pudding made from hot milk and it is flavored with some cinnamon and nuts.

Dates and milk

Dates and milk are traditionally eaten to break the fast. This is the ultimate staple of Ramadan.

It is the most delicious and easy recipe to prepare. The dates are cut in half and soaked or boiled in milk, and served chilled. You can also simply consume it by plain dates and a glass of milk.


Kharoub or Carob juice is a cool drink to satisfy your taste buds and thirst. It is made using molasses in addition to sugar and water.

The drink is perfect as it is energizing and rejuvenating.

Soya Bean Drink

Soya bean is a great beverage which is recommended for all. The drink not only hydrates the body but also contains sugar and protein which helps you to get through the day. (Since the drink contains sugar and protein, it not only hydrates your body but also helps you to get through the hot day.)

Chia Seed Drink

Chia seed aka Chia Fresca or Iskiate is a nutritious drink that helps you to beat the heat wave. This energy drink keeps one hydrated during Ramadan.

Noomi Basra Juice

This drink is flavored with a few drops of rose water, and a pinch of ground cardamom. Noomi basra tastes sour and lemony but has an earthy flavor. This can be served hot or cold.

Sharbat e Badam

It is a healthy and delicious choice. This beverage is made of Almonds. It can be consumed during suhoor or after iftar.

Mango Shake

This shake is partially wholesome and is prepared with mangoes, milk and sugar. It is a nutritious drink that keeps one going for hours. It is better to consume it during Suhoor.

Rooh Afza

This is a rose scented drink and is super easy to make. The drink contains goodness of fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots.

The syrup is mixed with water and stirred well. Then it is served chilled with ice. You can also put dried herbs to make the taste better. It can also be consumed with chilled milk.

These are some of the most popular drinks during Ramadan. The good thing is that these drinks can be prepared by one from any part of the globe as the ingredients used is not rare. Now you can drink plenty of flavorsome water between iftaar and suhoor to keep yourself hydrated.


It is better to avoid caffeinated drinks because caffeine leads to loss of water which increases thirst.

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